Culotte Drops- is a special essential oil that is formulated to leave you feeling fresh and confident all day! Enjoy 24 hours of Freshness throughout the day and end your day with the same clean refreshing feeling. Something fresh To Keep You At Your Best!



Pink romance is the smell of unforgettable love. (Sensuality). These drops smell like playfulness and passion captured in the essence of feminity. Blend of fruits- peaches, pomegranates, and sweet apples combined to make the mid notes of this sweet scent. This scent is antioxating, unique and romantic.


    • All ingredients are 100% natural, non GMO, gluten, chemical and toxic free.
    • Skin moisturizer, cleanser, lubricant and protection.  
    • USDA certified organic virgin coconut oil. Restores skin barrier functions. Reduce dryness.
    • Grapeseed Oil- soothes dryness, doesn’t clog pores, leaves the skin feeling silky
    • Elixir- Trade Secret
    • Tea Tree Oil- Antifungal and antibacterial properties/ improves dryness, and  itching
    • Olive Oil- Hydration/ Skin Tissue Repair
    • Aloe Vera- Reduce Irritation/ Promotes Natural Lubricants/Antibiotic