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Yoni Essential Bar

Yoni Essential Bar


Pantacy- Yoni Essential Bars are specifically formulated to assists with maintaing a healthy and well balancing pH level. The most important benefit of using a essential bars, is for  it's anti bacterial properties that help prevent all bacteria and infections including BV, yeast infection and bad odors. Pantacy- Yoni Essential Bars will provide freshness for 24 hours keeping you confident and worry free. 


Yoni Essential Soap Bars -sensitive formula is fragrance, chemical, and dye-FREE.

Safe for sensitive skin


This natural floral bar-contains no fragrance, chemicals, or harsh perfumes! The signature sweet and floral scent, is all-natural, organic and vegan formulated.  This bar is so gentle and produces soft lathering bubbles which is perfect for delicate sensitive skin. You can now cleanse your most intimate areas with no worries!  Natural antibacterial properties combined with soothing shea butter will keep your yoni clean, pH balanced and fresh all day long!

Formulated By: Licensed Esthetician



  • All-natural, sensitive cleanser
  • Reduces vaginal odor
  • Helps maintain healthy vaginal pH balance
  • Moisturizing
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